Peta Jinnath Andersen


I’m a young adult writer, blogger, & work-at-Starbucks mom juggling life with a 2 year old. I’m in love with the idea of creativity–not just as a writer, but as a mom.

I’m especially interested in publishing, e-books, young adult literature, children’s literature, and fairy tales; my go-to book is the Oxford English Dictionary; I’m in love with my Kindle; & I’ll eat (almost) anything if it’s dipped in chocolate.


  • I’m an Aussie (say “Auzzie)
  • In school, I was the quiet kid who hid in the back reading a novel under the desk.
  • My favorite 80s dance move is the sprinkler.
  • I’m a herbivore. Chocolate’s a plant, right?
  • Winter-bare trees make me sad.
  • If you can douse it in hot sauce, I probably have.
  • Running is my zen time.
  • Fairy tales make me happy.
  • I adore hats.
  • My kid smells like milk and sunshine.
  • My Dad’s Indian, but my Hindi is lousy.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine is one of the most boring toddler shows I’ve ever seen.


Since 1986, I have written stuff. Some of it was crap; some of it is still crap. There were many stories about dogs, orphans, and penguins named Jim. Several of these still reside in a box in my parents’ storage unit.

I started writing seriously again–after a short detour in the sciences–in 2006, about five years after moving to the US. I kept to non-fiction and short stories for a while, writing itinerant reviews and reading textbooks. (Don’t judge me: I like textbooks.) In 2007, I started taking on editing work in between blog dalliances.

Although I enjoy blogging for myself, I prefer writing for others, mostly because it’s an excuse to read and experiment outside of my norm. I’ll write about anything, any time, to any deadline–it doesn’t matter as long as I get to write.



Peta reading


Most people will tell you they have a novel or two inside them. I have about seventy, and though the pages were a little rough on the way down, they were still quite delicious.

Right now, I have two novels–one “on submission” (industry lingo for sending out to agents) and one in revisions. They’re both family stories, about geeks and nerds and parents, love and death and drama. In short, they’re BBC specials, but without David Tennant. (Read more about them on the I Write… page.)

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